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Light Reading: ONAP Strikes Back, Saying Critics Are Misinformed

By November 10, 2017In The News

It’s been a rough week for ONAP, public relations-wise.

First my colleague Iain Morris reported on something of a groundswell of negativity about the open source MANO project, much of it generated at Light Reading’s “OSS in the Era of SDN & NFV” event in London last week. Then veteran industry analyst Tom Nolle, president of CIMI Corp. , added his voice in a blog post , saying the LR news analysis didn’t go far enough in assessing basic faults in Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) ‘s approach. (See ONAP Takes Flak as Telcos Prep for Release 1.)

Arpit Joshipura, general manager of Networking & Orchestration for the Linux Foundation , which hosts ONAP, is well aware of what’s being said, but comments in an interview that the criticisms are coming from people who lack in-depth familiarity with ONAP and the contents of its upcoming first software release, Amsterdam, due out by year’s end.


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