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Industry-leading organizations have joined with ONAP Project to develop a harmonized and comprehensive framework for real-time, policy-driven software automation of virtual network functions that will enable software, network, IT and cloud providers and developers to rapidly create new services. We encourage you to join forces with other service providers, telecommunication vendors, cloud service providers, system integrators and others to deliver a unified architecture and implementation, with an open standards upstream focus, faster than any one project or organization could on its own. Participation in the ONAP technical community is open to all. Learn more here.

ONAP is a founding member of LF Networking (LFN), an entity that integrates the governance of participating projects in order to improve operational efficiencies and simplify member engagement. Each technical project retains its technical independence and project roadmaps. Learn more about the ONAP TSC.

LFN software and projects provide platforms and building blocks for Network Infrastructure and Services across Service Providers, Cloud Providers, Enterprises, Vendors, and System Integrators that enable rapid interoperability, deployment, and adoption. LFN supports the largest set of networking projects with the broadest community in the industry that collaborate on this opportunity.

Learn more about LFN and Join as a member.