ONAP Training Available Today

There are several courses available from the Linux Foundation to help advance your ONAP knowledge, skills, and career development.

Certified ONAP Professional (COP) Exam

The Linux Foundation worked with ONAP expert volunteers to identify the core domains and the critical skills, knowledge and competencies applicable to the Certified ONAP Professional (COP). The exam demonstrates a user has the ability to onboard Virtual Network Functions (VNFs), design and deploy network services, and configure VNFs. The COP exam assumes knowledge of, but may not test for, a baseline understanding of the underlying cloud platform (e.g. Kubernetes and OpenStack) and minimal familiarity with modeling languages (e.g. Heat and TOSCA).

The COP exam curriculum includes these general domains and their weights on the exam:

  • Service Design 20%
  • Service Deployment 25%
  • Service LCM 15%
  • Troubleshooting 20%
  • Closed Loop Automation 20%

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