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Huffington Post: Politics Is Disconnected From Coming Changes to Our Connected World

By November 3, 2017In The News

Washington politics has been stuck in a cul-de-sac of debates over health care, immigration and taxes for years. Meanwhile the tools and networks that power our economy and connect our lives are changing rapidly and politicians are oblivious. The next generation of wireless networks – 5G – is rapidly coming into focus, and Americans need to pay attention to take advantage.

Every new generation of wireless communications has been marked by faster speeds. Next-generation 5G networks, however, will have to do much more, much faster and with better quality. Think of it as a three dimensional expansion rather than just two. Network operators must make this transition in order to power the billions of devices in the Internet of Things (IoT). That’s the focus of a conversation that I’ll be having with the Linux Foundation and Jet Ventures at an Internet Innovation Alliance event in San Francisco tomorrow.

Most people have never heard of ONAP, but the Open Network Automation Platform is an important part of the answer.

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