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Webinar: ONAP Poised to Transform Industry

By July 14, 2017In The News

Earlier this year, the Linux Foundation announced that it was merging open source ECOMP with OPEN-O to create a powerful automation platform for telcos’ NFV and SDN networks. During this Telco Transformation radio show, AT&T’s Mazin Gilbert and the Linux Foundation’s Arpit Joshipura will discuss some of the key concepts of ONAP, including the recent formation of its technical steering committee as well as opening up the code and documentation to the industry.

Other highlights of this radio show include:

  • Industry involvement – ONAP’s members include the largest global services providers and technology leaders
  • Goals of ONAP – Becoming the network operating system for SDN automation
  • Accessing the code – Developers can now access the production-ready code, along with instructional materials and videos