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Telco Transformation: AT&T’s Chris Rice on ONAP’s Key Challenge

By April 27, 2017May 9th, 2017In The News

In his many presentations on ECOMP, leading up to its introduction into open source and its merger with OPEN-O into the ONAP, AT&T’s Chris Rice often cited the need for virtual networks functions to be more like Lego blocks and less like snowflakes.

Rice, senior vice president of AT&T Labs , isn’t expecting VNF onboarding to be child’s play, but he is hoping for simple processes that can be automated and replicated. And he tells Telco Transformation in part two of this interview from the Open Networking Summit that’s a key challenge for ONAP . See AT&T’s Chris Rice Details ECOMP & OPEN-O Merger for Part 1 of this interview.