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2017 ONAP Community Awards Shine Spotlight on Collaboration

By December 20, 2017Blog

As we reflect upon 2017 and the successful launch of Amsterdam, we are proud to announce the winners of the inaugural ONAP Community Awards acknowledging individual and community contributions to the success of the project. We were gratified to see strong participation, with 87 nominations representing 53 individuals and projects, and 571 total votes cast.

The community recognized the winners on December 11at the ONAP Developer Forum in Santa Clara, CA. Details about each award category and its winner appear below. Please join us in congratulating all of our nominees and winners!

Top Achievement Award: Catherine Lefevre, AT&T

The community recognized Catherine Lefevre for her dedication to the project and her pivotal role in the successful merger of multiple code bases and timely delivery of the Amsterdam release. Catherine worked tirelessly across many groups and companies to evangelize ONAP globally, while working closely with the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) to work toward Amsterdam’s release date.

Citizenship Award: Chris Donley, Huawei

Chris Donley provided the most assistance to others outside of his own ONAP project through code reviews, debugging, bug fixes and more, furthering collaboration across the large, distributed ONAP community. His work on the Architecture Committee and TSC and time spent educating and guiding others set the standard for communication across the team.

Marketing Award: Lingli Deng, China Mobile

Lingli Deng provided significant support to the ecosystem teams and championed ONAP across a variety of mediums. She also spoke on behalf of ONAP at events around the world and led the review team for the project’s VoLTE whitepaper. Additionally, Lingli contributed two technical videos in English, three in Chinese, and is a frequent coordinator of Chinese contributions to ecosystem development activities.

Code Contribution Award: Seshu Kumar, Huawei

PTLs, Committers and Contributors selected Seshu Kumar to receive the Code Contribution Award based on the quantity of quality of his code. He played important role in helping the Service Orchestrator (SO) project reach critical milestones and in resolving blocking issues. Seshu is one of the top code contributors to ONAP overall.

Project Achievement Award: The Integration Team

The Integration Team worked together for the first time on Amsterdam, yet they met the tight release deadline.

Innovation Award: The ONAP Operations Manager (OOM) Project Team

The OOM Project Team deployed ONAP on containers to support the Amsterdam release.