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February 2018

From Portal to SDC: Inside the ONAP Architecture

By Blog

See below for a quick overview of ONAP informational videos from Architecture sub-committee members Manoop Talasilla and Michael Lando.

The ONAP platform is made of several software subsystems and two major architectural frameworks – a design-time environment to design, define and program the platform; and an execution-time environment to execute the logic programmed in the design phase. Whether new to the platform or well-versed, understanding the ONAP architecture is critical to deployment, and our latest video series is here to help.

To kick off the series, we’ll focus on the ONAP Portal and Service Design and Creation (SDC). The videos feature two key members of the ONAP Architecture Team:  Manoop Talasilla, Portal Technical Lead at AT&T Research Labs, and Michael Lando, Service Design Technical Lead of AT&T. In our video series, Manoop covers the ONAP portal, and Michael the Service Design and Creation (SDC).

Video 1: ONAP Portal

Manoop takes a beginners look at the ONAP portal, focused on the platform and its ability to integrate different applications into a centralized portal core. Additional capabilities of the portal include application onboarding and management, decentralized access management, and hosed application features, as detailed in the video.

Want to learn more about the ONAP portal and network operations? Dive in: watch Manoop’s full video now. 


Video 2: Service Design and Creation (SDC)

SDC, and Integrated Development Environment (IDE), is a subsystem of the design-time framework, accessible through the ONAP portal. In the video, Michael discusses that as an IDE, SDC provides the tools for designing services as well as creating the necessary artifacts for service orchestration. With its graphical interface and visual tools, users can drag and drop different components onto the SDC canvas to model their service, see what’s connected where, what the capabilities are and the requirements each VNF provides to the service.

As the design time component, SDC handles all design time activities. Check out the full video below to hear Michael’s explanation of SDC in ONAP.  

Interested in learning more about the ONAP Architecture? Take a look at the full video series here and read the Architecture Whitepaper.