The business and technical governance for the project is set forth in the ONAP Project Charter.  In general, business oversight falls to the project’s Governing Board while technical oversight is the responsibility of the Technical Steering Committee.

Sponsorship levels in the project include:

  •      Platinum Service Provider Members (limited to service providers);
  •      Platinum Members; and
  •      Silver Members.

Contributions of code and technical artifacts to the community are independent of any funding sponsorship. Technical participation in the project is open to all; the only requirement is that participants comply with the ONAP Project Charter.

The license for contributions to the project is Apache Software License, Version 2 and documentation artifacts are contributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.  As a Linux Foundation project, other policies and governance documents applicable to the project include:

For information on membership or for any other questions with respect to joining the ONAP Project, please email membership [at ]